Speaker:  John Selbak

Summary:  “Test and Approve God’’s Will” There is no shortage of Christian literature that exhorts people to seek out the will of God. Many cite to these two passages as proof that we are to seek out God’s individual will for our lives, and not to rely on our own understanding. If we do that, then God will direct our paths. But neither of these verses say that, and this may explain why so many of us are wandering in the desert looking for God’s will when it is often right in front of us the entire time. As a preview for a later series exploring God’s will in more detail, we see that the Romans passage has to do with God’s moral will, which Paul then goes on four several chapters to detail for us. This misreading comes from zooming into one [transitional] verse, and missing the argument that he has developed for the previous 11 chapters, and will not go on to explain in detail over the next several chapters. The issue with the passage in Proverbs is that it is most often quoted from the KJV, which misses a nuance in the passage and actually comes out with a different result, ironically implying that relying on God will smooth out the path that we have chosen, not 
the one that He has chosen for us. 

Scripture:  Romans 12:2 & Proverbs 3:5-6