Speaker: John Selbak

Scripture:    John 5:24; Romans 10:9; Ephesians 1:4-6; John 1:12-13

Summary: The scriptures provide us with a tension between the one-time, immediate event of salvation (justification) with the life-long process of becoming more like Christ through the power and work of the Holy Spirit (sanctification).  We tend to easily understand the former, and can err to one side by reducing salvation into an outcome that is marketed to others.  How do we square God’s action in justification with the necessary, life-long pursuit of God?  How should we respond to people who ask, “what must I do to be saved?” so that our response does not reduce salvation to a simple formula, but neither requires us to chase an unattainable ideal?  How is the Holy Spirit involved in salvation, in both justification and sanctification, and how do we partner with God in His work?

Resources for study:

  • John Selbak's (Teaching Pastor) Power Point click here
  • 8 Questions for Reflection click here. (Whether for personal enrichment or with a LIFEgroup use these questions to guide reflection on this week's sermon.)