Are You "on Mission" for the LORD?
Speaker: Sarah Sumner
Scripture: Ephesians 2:10, NASB
Summary: Everyone in Christ has a special contribution to make.  All of us are entrusted with a mission that flows from the Great Commission and the fact that we all bear the image of God. I believe Jesus' mission was to bear witness to the world, to testify  to the truth of who God is. Jesus was God's "character witness."  Not only did He teach people about God, but He also believed in God—to the point that He was able to exorcise demons, heal people, and even raise Himself from the dead.  Jesus' faith in God was part of His testimony in proving God's greatness.  Do you believe God is trustworthy, even to the point that you're willing to step out and make the biggest contribution you can make for the Kingdom of God?