Speaker:     John Selbak
Summary:     During the last two weeks, we’ve studied how the good news of the gospel produces a people who seek and do justice, and that God’s desire is to use the church to bring His justice to the world.  Yet the Bible often speaks of justice and righteousness together, and we cannot do one without the other.  Both the Old Testament and New Testament affirm that God’s desire is not just for us to respond to Him with pious acts, but to act justly as well. 
This week, we consider some of the practical issues in seeking to do justice.  We can easily get overwhelmed by the number of issues that need to be addressed to see God’s justice and righteousness established.  We may feel barely able to handle our own circumstances, let along those faced by people with whom we are not acquainted.  Sometimes the complexity of the problems, or the vast number of circumstances that need to be address, can overwhelm us and keep us from acting.   How can we move past the limitations of our abilities and circumstances and instead rely on the power of God?  In what ways has our Western society kept us from experiencing the life we might otherwise experience in reliance upon God’s provision?   If Biblical faith involves more than just belief, and also includes trusting God with our life, how do we step out from behind our comfort and control to see that type of faith increase? 


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