Speaker:     George Haraksin
Scripture:    Ephesians 6:10-14    
Summary:     When you can you be safely ignored? When you are not in the game and sitting on the bench.  But we have just taught that the Christian must learn to sit and rest. True, but like an athlete or a soldier, prior to being in the game they must be well rested, conditioned and well equipped for the game or battle). Be reminded the order in Ephesians is important. We must first learn to sit, to know our identity and security is located in Christ and not our job, our family, our talents or gifts or ________________ (fill-in the blank). Second, we must learn to walk. We must know our calling in Christ and to walk a path worthy of that calling becoming mature in the Lord.  If we are deficient in any of any of these two postures Satan will be free to ignore us. But if you sit and walk you will need to stand, stand firm with the “armor of God”.  In standing we combat the schemes of the devil and we stand for truth, goodness, and beauty in the world God created.