Speaker:     John Selbak

Scripture:    Philippians 1: 20-30

Summary:     Writing to one of his favorite churches from prison, Paul contemplates the very real possibility that he may lose his life.   And yet, in the midst of his struggle, he reminds the church at Philippi that his suffering is resulting in the continued spread of the gospel.  If Paul is spared from death, he knows it is only so that he can live a life of fruitful labor for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Do we see our life as one built primarily around Jesus Christ, or do we see belief in Jesus as a way to insure our success in this life and the next?  What is truly worth living for?  How do we live a life that is worthy of the lengths to which God went to save us?  Is it possible to desire to be with Christ so much that we eagerly await to depart this life, or do our desires for this world keep us clinging to this life at all costs?