Speaker:     John Selbak

Scripture:    Philippians 2:1-18

Summary:     Paul encourages us to live a life worthy of the gospel, and to stand firm for the gospel, rather than be frightened by those who oppose us because of that gospel.  Paul also teaches us to imitate Christ Jesus, even in our suffering, and to follow his example:  although he was God, Jesus humbled himself in every way, and came to suffer on behalf of those he loved.  We should do the same. While we may be familiar with this text from Philippians and its plea for humility, we too often have heard this passage in the context of our personal relationships with others.   Yet at a time when the church is being challenged by the greater culture around us, these same verses apply to our collective effort to stand firm for the gospel.  We all together as a church body must demonstrate to the world the humility that Christ exhibited in his mission among us, doing everything without grumbling or arguing, so that we may “shine among them like the stars in the sky.” (v.15)