Speaker:     John Selbak
Scripture:   Psalm 139
Summary:   Psalm 139 presents the awesome power of the Lord in a very intimate and personal way.  David recounts the omniscience of the Lord, how God knows every detail of our life and every one of our thoughts and words.  He celebrates the omnipresence of the Lord, how God is everywhere and ever present.  He declares God to be a careful creator who creates us with intention and great attention to detail.  For all of these attributes of God, David praises the Lord, especially for the way in which God’s exercise of these attributes are thoughtfully directed toward His creation.  By praying Psalm 139, we have the opportunity to join David in considering God’s breathtaking qualities and to similarly declare that “such knowledge is too wonderful for me!”  It also prepares us to engage Psalm 8 the following Sunday with Dr. Fuz Rana.