Speaker:     Michael Bischof
Scripture:    Luke 10:25-28
Summary:     This is a message that shares my own story of brokenness and depression and how SOULeader was founded. I briefly overview the six dimensions of formation that we focus on through everything we do at SOULeader. I end with a story that shows that even in the midst of our brokenness there is hope because God designed our lives to reflect him through the brokenness. There will be an object lesson during the message where I’ll break a mirror with a hammer – so if the stage could be set in such a way to have an easel that I can place a large mirror on that is far enough away from people so that there is no danger. I’ll ask people to come up and take a piece of the broken mirror during the final worship set (if they choose to). Since we’ll need to do this twice, we’ll need to clean up immediately after the 1st service.