The NewSong Inside-Out Partnership Class provides you with the opportunity to get to know our community, cause, and structure. We approach the content in a conversational and relational manner in an effort to foster new connections and a deeper understanding of how we partner together as a church.

Your should attend if you:

  • Are new to NewSong.
  • Want to know more people at NewSong.
  • Want to join or start a LIFEgroup.
  • Want to serve in a ministry at NewSong.
  • Want to become a Partner at NewSong.
  • Want to know what NewSong believes and why we believe it.
  • Want more understanding of how NewSong functions.

During our time together, we address the following:

  • NewSong's history
  • How people get connected at NewSong
  • Following Christ and discipleship groups such as LIFEgroups, D-Groups, men's and women's groups, and more
  • Serving in a NewSong sponsored ministry and vocational ministry
  • Becoming a Partner at NewSong, why Partnership matters, and the benefits and responsibilities of Partners
  • NewSong's statement of faith, values, and distinctive practices
  • NewSong's organizational structure and church polity

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there childcare? Yes! Contact Kristie Thomas at to sign-up.
  • Is the class only for becoming a Partner? No, but we desire people to take this next step of commitment.
  • Is there food? We provide some delicious afternoon desserts and water.

Ready to Join Us?

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Front Office at or 909.394.9488.

If you are ready to join us, click the button below and request to join through our CCB database. If you do not yet have one, you will need to create a CCB profile. (Please note: You do not need to attend NewSong Church to sign up for CCB and stay in touch with our ministries.)