• This is not really a question but more of a comment. In the Lord's Prayer where it says it will be done on Earth as it is in heaven, after hearing Michael at the 9 o'clock service it seems to me that what Jesus is saying is that heaven and Earth are one, not that they're coming together, but they are the same place. - Anonymous

    • I think we see them becoming one in Revelation 21-22. But in our current reality we have a perfect heaven and an imperfect fallen earth. So rather than seeing them as one, I think it is better to see heaven (or the kingdom of the heavens) continually penetrating and eventually overtaking the reality of fallen earth. The way theologian N.T. Wright say it is that God is setting the world to rights. God’s desire is to redeem his creation and make it perfect once again.
  • What if you don't hear yes or no in response to prayer? What if you don't hear anything? - Anonymous

    • Then you are experiencing what every one of us experiences. God is often silent. This is why themes such as persistence and perseverance in prayer are prevalent in Scripture. We need to “keep knocking” and continue to ask waiting expectantly for God to answer – knowing that he is hearing even though we might not be hearing anything. This is also where the spiritual practices of listening, guidance, discernment, and so on become important. Waiting is often exactly what God wants us to do.