NewSong Missionaries

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Sam is the president of Church Resource Ministries (CRM), and as such, gives leadership and oversight to CRM's 450 missionaries living and ministering in 30 nations around the world. Patty serves with CRM's Staff Development and Care Team, providing care and oversight to CRM staff around the world. Sam is currently also invested into a Leadership Mentoring Group and helping to infuse a Church Planting Movement throughout CRM. Please pray that God would use Sam and Patty to bless CRM missionaries and expand His kingdom around the world.



Tom Middleton serves on staff with Church Resource Ministries in Colorado. He frequently travels to Europe to oversee numerous operations in CRM. Tom plays an active role in promoting new church plants and discipling young European leaders who can develop, strengthen, and start new churches, as well as give their lives to God’s global mission. He has helped to oversee some powerful church plants in Scotland, Germany, and Italy. Please pray for God to continue to use Tom to catalyze churches and young leaders, and ask that there would be much fruit from those efforts.



Kieran serves in Thailand through various impactful ministries and in partnership with his local church there. He has recently been given the position of a deacon, and through that position, he plans to lead ministries of hospital visits, English teaching, and even some outreach to neighboring countries. Kieran has been studying Thai diligently, and he is progressing very well, but he welcomes your prayers so that he can really master the language as he ministers to others in Thailand. 

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Newlyweds David and Holly are excited to be ministering with CRM's NieuCommunities. NieuCommunities at its core focuses upon mentoring and sending missionaries out into the world. The most common way that people are sent is through a year-long apprenticeship that David and others host. Please pray for wisdom for David and his community as he mentors and sends missionaries into the world.



Luc and Petunia serve on staff with NieuCommunities and InnerCHANGE in South Africa, helping to facilitate Bible studies and to coach emerging leaders and missionaries. Luc is also laying foundations to work and minister in underprivileged areas through counseling and friendship. He has begun to establish tutoring opportunities, a children's Bible club, and basketball coaching as a way to blend into the community and embody the Gospel. Please pray for God’s Kingdom to expand in South Africa, and pray for peace and stability in Luc’s home country of D.R. Congo.

London, UK


Colin and C’havala serve with CRM in London. Colin is the leader of CRM UK and has a staff of 20 people he oversees. Their essential work is to help home church planting movements through evangelism and discipleship efforts. They hope to launch a few new seekers/believers classes as they continue in a difficult ministry setting. Pray for God to use their efforts to expand His kingdom in the UK. Pray also for their children to grow up strong in the Lord.

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Doug and Krista partner with the French evangelical church in developing small group ministry, community outreach, and leadership development. In addition, Doug and Krista actively reach out to their town through teaching English. Pray for the Livies to have wisdom as they plan their ministry and train leaders, and ask that many French people would choose to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Also pray for their children Isabelle, Anika, Emilie, Zachary, and Joshua to grow up strong in the Lord. You can request to be added to the list of people who receive the Livie's prayer notes by emailing Doug and Krista at



The Moens currently live in Malaga, Spain, and are leading a movement of new expressions of church. They are raising up leaders and mentoring Spaniards to reach others for Christ through personal coaching, missional training, and directing spiritual retreats, serving alongside local ministries and opening their home regularly to others. Only 0.7% of the population of Malaga is evangelical Christian, so there is an immense amount of work to do for God's Kingdom. Currently, the Moens desire your prayers as they are becoming fluent in Spanish, and they are also looking for people who desire to come to Spain to assist their ministry. Pray that God would continue to bring Spaniards into an intimate relationship with God, and pray that God would send those people out to reach their neighbors.


Hiram is a church planter in Kenya, Africa. He has, by God's grace, successfully planted six churches in Kenya, and he now oversees the pastors of those congregations. He equips them through pastoral phone calls, regular visits, times of prayer and counseling, and through many leadership articles and materials. He hopes to return full time to Kenya within the next 2 to 3 years so that he can better equip, minister, and lead the pastors of those churches. Please pray for his churches by praying for growth in pastoral leadership, spiritual and numerical growth of those churches, and the physical needs of the community.



Dan serves as a development coach for both the staff and organization of Advancing Leaders International, which ministers to the poor of East and Central Africa to help them improve their lives spiritually and physically. Currently they minister to a school in Kenya and in Uganda. Myra works with Church Resource Ministries (CRM) as part of their Staff Development and Care Team, providing pastoral care, training, and spiritual direction to CRM staff worldwide. Pray that God would bless Dan and Myra, and that He would use their service at ALI and CRM for the edification of His church around the world.



Jeremiah and Hannah work for Jews for Jesus in Chicago, Illinois. Jeremiah has recently become the branch director in Chicago, and it is an amazing opportunity for their family to continue reaching out to Jews in Chicago. Please pray for Jeremiah and Hannah as they raise their two childre, and continue in a difficult ministry.




Laura  has been serving for the last 17 years in an East Asian country that is politically restrictive to the Gospel. She began her work among university students. Many of those Christian graduates are now professionals, strategically placed by God to influence other professionals as well as transform their field, society, and the world for God’s glory. However, many are still struggling to know how to live out their beliefs in the public square. While Laura works specifically with university professors, her team is working with various influential people in the city as well. They are involved in setting up vocationally based communities and coaching them to overcome the difficulties of being salt and light.  While she may not be able to directly contact world class professors on her own, through her networks she is able to have a greater impact. It is her dream that these professors would not only transform education, educators, and students, but they would see other nations transformed as they intentionally use scholarly exchange as a means of glorifying God.