5 Steps to Starting a LIFEgroup

    1. Read the information on this page.

    2. Prayerfully consider your involvement. 

    3. Contact Dennis Bachman, Executive Pastor, for more information, coaching, and materials. 

    4. Set a date, time, and location for your first meeting.

    5. Invite people to your group!

    Who, me? Starting a LIFEgroup?

    You don’t have to have all the answers or have a lot of experience leading groups in order to be a great facilitator. If you enjoy making new friends and desire to see others connected to NewSong Church, then starting a group is a great way to get to know others and share in the journey of faith. Ask a friend to partner with you if you would like to share the responsibility of starting a group.

    Why should I lead a LIFEgroup?

    We consider LIFEgroups one of the most important ways to experience connection and community at NewSong. Through a group, you are able to learn the names behind the faces you meet on Sunday and share in your spiritual journey with others, encouraging one another as you live, learn, grow, and reach out to others. God doesn’t want any of us to be left to walk alone.

    Getting Started: Three Ways to Begin a Group

    nce you've decided to start a group, you'll need to get others on board with you. Here are three basic ways to get moving.

    1. Invite friends. Begin by inviting a few friends to join you as you get started. Pick a time and location to meet to discuss this endeavor. Having a few others who are willing to be there as you begin will be an encouragement to you and provide some momentum within the group. Once you have done this, you are ready to extend the invitation to others. 
    2. Host an open house. Another way to begin a group is to host an open house. This is a relaxed social time of getting to know others and to begin making relational connections. Once these connections have been made, you may have the beginnings of a group.
    3. Advertise. A third option for beginning or promoting your group is to advertise it in the church bulletin and the weekly community email.

    After you have a group formed, please send Dennis Bachman an email at and let him know that you are starting a group. Provide him with:

    • Leader's Name(s)

    • Host’s name(s) (if different from leader)

    • Starting date and time of first gathering

    • Regular meeting day and time

    • Location of regular meeting

    Leadership as a Lifestyle

    Facilitating a group can become your way of life, or it can be just feel like another activity in an already busy schedule. In order to embrace leadership as a lifestyle, ask yourself these questions:

    • In what ways would I like others to experience life in fellowship?
    • Am I willing to make this a priority in my schedule?
    • How can I have an eternal impact with group ministry?

    Participating in and leading a LIFEgroup is meant to be part of a holistic expression of community. While certain aspects of LIFEgroup may interest one individual more than another, it is important to live out all aspects of group life, experiencing the many dynamics of authentic relationships and sharing the journey through life and faith with others. Who would you like to join you on your journey with Jesus Christ?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When and where should groups meet?

    Our current LIFEgroups meet on various days and nights of the week in homes throughout the community or on the church campus. Some groups meet every week while others meet twice a month. It's up to you to set the schedule and location based on the goals you have and the life rhythms of group members.

    What will we study?

    Some groups base their discussions on the previous weekend’s sermon at NewSong. The group meeting provides an opportunity to discuss how the sermon works out in real life. Other groups choose to study a different curriculum based on group interest. A group can come together over any topic or activity, really, from Creation care and apologetics to surfing and women in ministry.

    How long does a group last?

    Groups and their leaders have the freedom to determine how long they stay in a group and how long the group lasts. In general, we recommend that a group have a clear beginning and end based on what you are studying together, activities you're participating in, the life stages of participants, objectives you've created, and other factors.

    What about childcare?

    We leave it up to each group to work out their own childcare. Some groups include children in part or all of the meeting, while other groups prefer to not have children at their meetings. Some groups rotate the care of the children between group members while others hire someone to care for the children.

    I still have questions. Where can I get more information?

    If you would like to continue exploring the possibility of starting a group, please contact Dennis Bachman at or call 909.394.9488, ext. 206.